Commited to the Preservation and Enhansement of Our Fisheries
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Representing Commercial Passenger Fishing Vessels and
Marine Recreational Anglers of Northern California

Golden Gate Fishermen's Association is a nonprofit organization dedicated to preserving and enhancing California's Fisheries and our natural resources. Our mission is to protect and restore California’s fish producing habitat comprised of the San Francisco Bay-Delta ecosystem and the communities that rely on fishing as a long-term, sustainable commercial, recreational and cultural resource.

Golden Gate Fisherman's Association is a coalition of fishing advocates that includes commercial and recreational fishermen, businesses, restaurants, tribes, environmentalists, elected officials, families and communities that rely on the fishing industry. GGFA has a board comprised of representatives of this diverse community.

Our membership consists of passenger fishing boat owners/operators, fishing related businesses, marine recreational anglers, and other concerned citizens.

Founded in 1948, Golden Gate Fishermen's Association has been working with local, state, and federal agencies to enhance our ever threatened marine/anadromous fisheries environment.

In order to maintain a vigil on current issues and concerns, GGFA sits on or acts in an advisory capacity for the following committees:

Bay Delta Advisory Council

The Central Valley Fisheries Coalition

Commercial Salmon Stamp Committee

Fish and Game Directors Marine Resources
Advisory Committee

National Charter Boat Owners Association

Pacific Fisheries Management Council

Pacific States Marine Fisheries Commission

The Winter Run Captive Broodstock Committee


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